Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Loss Life Ent & Tha Natural join in Grand Opening celebration of Tha Enclave

Tha Natural has had quite a few accomplishments in the last year or so. He has a hit song with Kevin Gates ("Gave Me Life"), hailed as a favorite among DJs and fans alike. He's been front and center for countless interviews and appearances. He's even hosted events, attended SXSW and appeared on several reality shows. Suffice it to say, he has raised the bar and has given "entrepreneurship" a whole new meaning. 

But one of Tha Natural's proudest accomplishments to date is his creation known as "Tha Enclave", a 3200 square foot luxury recording facility that houses not only a state of the art recording studio, but in-house services that will assist with anything an entertainer may need, whether that is promotional and marketing material and assistance, apparel printing, social media marketing, photography, videography, event planning services, and so much more. 

The Grand Opening of Tha Enclave is tonight from 7-11 p.m. Central Time. Countless individuals are expected to attend the event, from celebrities to members of the media and the Houston, Texas business community. Less than seven weeks ago, Tha Natural began the process of remodeling what was a plain office building. He began bringing his dream of a one-stop shop combined with convenience and luxury to fruition so that Texas' entertainment society could partake of the services he offers to assist in bringing their dreams together as well. He has certainly done that. Tha Natural turned a slightly aged, empty office space into a posh, contemporary space where entertainers and musicians can finely hone their craft, while enjoying the comforts of an upscale bar and entertainment complex. 

Be sure to check out Tha Natural's music and follow his career, as well as that of his company (Loss Life Entertainment) and its subsidiaries, particularly Loss Life Apparel. His story is one of success and redemption and it is to be savored. We don't often see victories and accomplishments such as those - and that is what makes seeing Tha Natural winning, even better. 

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Be on the lookout for a feature in the Houston Chronicle's Business section!

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